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Make Your Child's Halloween Costume Eco Friendly!

Purchasing a new Halloween costume each year can be both expensive, and less than eco-friendly. There are lots of ways your little one can still have a great time, with less impact on your wallet and the earth.

Hand Me Downs

Whether you have an older child yourself, a niece/nephew, or a friend with a child older than yours, there may be a great costume just gathering dust that you can borrow! 

Costume Swap

Consider hosting a costume swap in your neighborhood! Everyone can bring outgrown costumes, and you can get a new costume while cleaning out unused items from your house at the same time.


You don't have to be a Pinterest parent to put together a fun costume from items you already have. If your child likes to play dress-up, you probably have lots of things you can add a few touches to, and make it an extra-special costume for Halloween. 

Second Hand

Check your local consignment and second hand shops. You might find a great costume that's been worn once!

Use Face Paint

The addition of face paint gives you endless ideas for turning an ordinary outfit into a spooky costume. Eco-Kids face paint is made with natural pigments, is vegan, hypo-allergenic, and paraben-free.

How do you make your child's Halloween eco-friendly?

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